We bring you the finest homemade jam from the islands of the Seto Inland Sea
Please come and visit us on the island!

Homemade Jam Specialty Store

Setouchi Jam’s Garden & Farm
331-8 Hikuma Suo-oshima-cho, Oshima-gun, Yamaguchi, 742-2804
Business hours/from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. (to 5 p.m. from end of Nov. to end of Mar.)
TEL・FAX/0820-73-0002 Regular holidays/Wednesday and Thursday

Our jam creation concept

The taste of the raw materials that go into our jam varies according to numerous factors, including the weather that year, the farm they were grown on, the location of the field, the soil quality and even time of harvest (this concept is called terroir).
If we were to try to even out these uneven flavors… it would mean balancing the flavor using additives, which is the case with most of the jams produced commercially, where gelatinizers are added to make up for insufficient thickness and pH regulators are used to increase the acidity, and so on. However, the jams that we aim to create are not this kind industrially mass produced homogenous product, but the opposite, a process of jam creation where the variations in flavor (terroir) can be enjoyed. The acidity of citrus fruits grown on the north slope of a hill is hard to remove, so in order to enjoy that acidity, we boil them in tea with the image of preparing lemon tea. In years when there is a lot of cold weather, the bitterness of the citrus fruits really comes out, so we boil them in chocolate in order to enjoy the bitterness… and so on, and so on. Our goal is a process of jam manufacture that treasures the individual characteristics of these fruits and brings them out in the flavor of the finished product.

Our Commitments

  1. We grow fruits in our garden. (We use only home grown and domestically grown fruits mainly from our own island.)
  2. Additive-free, low-sugar. (It doesn’t contain gelatinizer, artificial coloring, or pH regulator.)
  3. All homemade with small lots.

Each batch is individually boiled in a different way according to the individual characteristics of the fruit

Boiling rose petal jam in spring

○Jam’s Boutique (Island Jam Shop)

30 to 40 different seasonal jams (180 different varieties over the course of a year) are waiting for you at the boutique.

Because we do not believe in the concept of creating homogenized jams using gelatinizers and ph regulators, like the majority of jams on the market, the flavor of the jams in this store is determined by the flavor of the fruit.
That is why we are involved in the production of our fruit from the time when it is growing on the farm.
The taste of the fruit is actually really delicate, and the weather that year, the location of the farm, and the methods of growing and harvesting the fruit play all a role in making big changes to the flavor of the fruit. Taking these fruits with their own individual variations and putting them together to make the best possible product is the basis of our jam production. You can enjoy tasting the diversity and rich flavor of these jams that embody the unique characteristics of the terroir at our store “Jam’s Boutique”.
(You can normally taste 20 different varieties of jam and select the one that suits you best)

(You can taste over 20 different varieties of jam)

○Jam’s Café (Island Cafe)

The cafe space next to the jam corner is where you can enjoy delicious sweets and drinks made using seasonal jam. Take off your shoes and relax while you enjoy looking out at the beautiful scenery of the seaside. You can also eat in the 2nd floor gallery space and the outdoor terrace.

Customers also come from overseas

We were featured by Korean broadcaster KBS / Magazine featuring our store (in Korean)

Featured by CCTV-9 (China central television)

We hosted trainees from Pakistan


Getting to the island

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Jam List (Jams available will vary depending on the season)

Guide to Suo-oshima Jam
We make various kinds of jams.


  • Kiwi Apple Jam
    The sourness of Kiwis and the fragrance of apples give off superb tastiness. Many people come to this island to buy this jam!
    Ingredients: Kiwi (Produced in Suo-oshima), Apple (produced in Suo-oshima), Raw Sugar (produced in Tanegashima)
    Amount: 155g (Sugar 40%)
  • Citrus Iyo Vanilla Marmalade
  • Walnut in Citrus Hassaku Chocolate Marmalade
  • Citrus Yuzu and Hassaku Marmalade
  • Citrus Iyo Marmalade
  • Citrus Hassaku Marmalade
  • The New Year Strawberry Jam
  • Kiwi Honey Jam

  • Citrus Kiyomi Earl Grey Marmalade
    Earl Grey flavored Citrus Kiyomi jam that is popular for adults. (black spots are tea leaves.) Once you eat this, you can taste fresh navel oranges and an unforgettable fragrance of Earl Grey.
    Ingredients: Citrus Kiyomi (produced in Suo-oshima), Raw Sugar (produced in Tanegashima), Earl Grey
    Amount: 155g (Sugar 40%)
  • Setouchi Citrus Kiwi Marmalade
  • Kumquat Honey Marmalade
  • Early Spring Strawberry Jam
  • Citrus Kiyomi Orange Marmalade

  • Spring Citrus Marmalade
  • Citrus Setomi Strawberry Jam
  • Fully Ripened Citrus Sudaidai Marmalade
  • Navel Orange Marmalade
  • Citrus Yuzu Strawberry Jam
  • Citrus Setomi and Yuzu Marmalade
  • Citrus Sudaidai Chocolate Marmalade
  • Citrus Kiyomi Strawberry Marmalade
  • Citrus Decopom Marmalade
  • Citrus Hassaku Chocolate and Navel Orange Mariage

  • Fully Ripened Strawberry Jam
    The original strawberry jam which uses ripe strawberries directly from the farmer. The fully ripened strawberries taste completely different from ordinary strawberries. Please enjoy the really tasty strawberry jam.
    Ingredients: Strawberry (produced in Yamaguchi), Raw Sugar (produced in Tanegashima)
    Amount: 155g (Sugar 40%)
  • Drop of Citrus Hassaku Marmalade
  • Strawberry Lemon Marmalade
  • Strawberry Chocolate Jam
  • Rum Strawberry Jam
  • Citrus Natsumi and Yuzu Marmalade
  • Citrus Miss. Kyoko Marmalade

  • Citrus Konatsu Lemon Marmalade
    Citrus Konatsu is an early summer fruit which has a fresh fragrance and it’s very popular. And what’s more, we blended the Konatsu with lemon, and that refreshes the jam. This is a simple marmalade that only uses citrus and Raw Sugar.
    Ingredients: Citrus Konatsu-mikan (produced in Suo-oshima), Lemon (produced in Suo-oshima),Raw Sugar (produced in Tanegashima)
    Amount: 155g (Sugar 40%)
  • May Rose Flower and Island’s Spring Citrus Fruit Mariage
  • Citrus Natsu-mikan Brandy Marmalade
  • Blood Orange Marmalade
  • Citrus Natsu-mikan Marmalade
  • Drop of Sun Marmalade
  • Citrus Amanatsu Marmalade

  • Tomato Citrus Kabosu Ripe Marmalade
  • Nanko Ume Citrus Konatsu-mikan Jam
  • Apricot Jam
  • Ripe Nanko Ume Jam
  • Unripe Green Ume with Unrefined Sugar Jam

  • Island’s Blueberry Jam
    We grow blueberries in our garden. It’s a precious fruit for us. We stewed the blueberries carefully to leave a grainy texture. This simple jam was stewed with only Raw Sugar and blueberries.
    Ingredients: Blueberry (produced in Suo-oshima, Fukuoka), Raw Sugar (produced in Tanegashima)
    Amount: 155g (Sugar 40%)
  • Citrus Sudaidai Blueberry Jam
  • Blueberry Compote
  • Harankyo Plum Jam
  • Blueberry Jam Stewed in Red Wine
  • Blueberry Chocolate Jam
  • Blueberry Strawberry Jam
  • Setouchi Lemon Blueberry Jam
  • Citrus Konatsu-mikan Blueberry Jam
  • Plum Blueberry Jam
  • White Peach Blueberry Jam

  • Shimizu White Peach Jam
    This jam is very popular. We produce only a few every summer. We stewed carefully to leave the texture of the peel, so you can enjoy the peach itself.
    Ingredients: Peach (produced in Okayama), Raw Sugar (produced in Tanegashima), Lemon (produced in Suo-oshima)
    Amount: 155g (Sugar 40%)
  • White Peach Lemon Marmalade
  • Yellow Peach Jam

  • Fig Jam Flavored with Cinnamon
    This jam appeared in a famous magazine. We’re proud of this jam. This is a cinnamon flavored fig jam. The combination is outstanding.
    Ingredients: Fig, Lemon (produced in Suo-oshima), Raw Sugar (produced in Tanegashima), Cinnamon
    Amount: 155g (Sugar 40%)
  • Early Picked Orange in Early Autumn White Chocolate Marmalade
  • Browned Walnut in Fig Jam
  • Rhubarb Jam
  • Fig Citrus Nagato-Yuzukichi Jam
  • Fig Lemon Jam
  • Fig Jam
  • Purple Sweet Potato in Witch-style Jam

  • Luxury Grains of Atsu Chestnut Jam
    This jam uses Atsu chestnuts that are cultivated in Mine city which is famous for its producing center. Atsu chestnuts are big and so sweet. You can enjoy the taste of chestnuts in the jam.
    Ingredients: Chestnut (produced in Mine city, Yamaguchi), Raw Sugar (produced in Tanegashima)
    Amount: 135g (Sugar 40%)
  • Oshima Mandarin Citrus Nagato-Yuzukichi Marmalade
  • Kyoho Grape Compote
  • Pione Grape Chocolate Jam
  • Pione Grape Compote
  • Chestnut Jam
  • Chestnut Rum Jam
  • Towa-Kintoki Sweet Potato Vanilla Jam
  • Black Soybean Towa-Kintoki Sweet Potato Jam
  • Jonathan Apple Whole Stewed Jam
  • Purple and Kintoki Sweet Potato Mariage
  • Tokusa Apple Tea Jam

  • Fuji Apple Cinnamon Jam
  • Fuji Apple Jam
  • Caramelized Apple Jam
  • Early Ripening Lemon Apple Jam
  • Early Ripening Lemon Ginger Marmalade

  • Green Apple Dolce Jam
  • Green Apple (Granny Smith) Jam
  • Oshima Mandarin Citrus Yuzu Marmalade
  • Oshima Mandarin Apple Jam
  • Fully Ripened Citrus Kabosu Honey Marmalade
  • Towa-Kintoki Sweet Potato Fuji Apple Jam
  • Citrus Yuzu Marmalade
  • Fully Ripened Lime Apple Mariage Jam
  • Citrus Yuzu Apple Marmalade
  • Black Sesame in Honey Sweet Potato Baked Jam